Hey Darlings!

Welcome to my (very basic, for now) website.

I was planning my posts about the books I read while I didn’t have a phone and I realized that I’d like to do this on a regular basis. I’ve had a smartphone for just over a day, and I already have to force myself to keep reading instead of playing on the phone. Having a blog to chat about what I’ve been reading will be good discipline, and hopefully you’ll all find it interesting.

I’m not always good about reading, but I feel so much better when I do. It’s so much easier to start writing a story if I’ve just finished a book, whether the book inspired me or annoyed me so much that I’m determined to write something better. And as I work on the latest rewrites of my novel, reading as many novels as I can helps me to figure out basic plotting–how to make sure that something flows, and that chapters stay interesting. My masters course assigns reading with every writing packet and I loved responding to books in a more casual format. This will be slightly more casual. I promise I’ll try not to swear too much.

Everything I read is recommended, whether by someone laying out tables in a bookstore or by a friend. I hope that you all are inspired to pick up some of the (mostly brown) writers I’ll discuss on this website. Please keep recommending things to me, in person or in comments!

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